it started with a drink


March 28, 2006
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First MMS

October 15, 2005
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Finally without asking Carol sent me an MMS with just her picture.


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18th Birthday

October 9, 2005
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Wats happenin liam how are ya dis is carol dis is my new num.

Ya just de new sagem one cis my odr one is broke.

It feels da same really only im delighte i can get served drink like.

Na not yet im gettin a new pair of runners 2mro tho.

Ya i will. jus txt me nd let me no when im headin out 2 da pub der. ha it feels great ta say dat like.

I dnt i hav a check up in da hospital so im not up 2 early ne way il talk ta u 2mro.

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A Fun Debs Night With Carol

September 21, 2005
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Last Wednesday night I went to the Debs in Cork with my ex-girlfriend. The night was going grand as Sue spent most of her time out on the dance floor while I sat down drinking the night away and minding shoes, bags and drinks.

Once I had my wallet full of money I was happy sitting down relaxing enjoying the live band.

While Sue and her friends continued to dance one of her friends Carol came over and began chatting to me, nothing unusual there so we chatted about the night and she began asking about myself and Sue to which I said nothing would or ever will happen again.

From time to time Sue and her friends would come back to the table to finish their drinks and to get their breathe back, to make room I had to push over a seat and would chat to Sue or her friend Catherine. Every time they left Carol would call me back to the empty seat beside her, having known a little about her background I asked her a few questions about how hard it must of been for her growing up without a mother, she died when Carol was at a young age… at no time did Carol change the conversation so I know she was okay talking about it with me.

I mentioned to her that I had texted her about two weeks before the debs to enquire about how she got on at the debs and wondered why I received no reply.

She had got a new sim (087) she asked if I had my phone with me, but I didn’t have my mobile on my, she took hers out of her purse and asked for mine and said she would text me the next day. She showed me her tongue piercing soon after I asked her for a hug and we grabbed each other for a while and I went off to buy her a drink.


I had jokingly asked her since the start of the night to go out for a slow song so when it came on we looked at each other and she grabbed my hand and lend me out to the dance floor. It felt really nice dancing with her having her in my arms and looking into her eyes from time to time.

So we sat back down and chatted some more. When the disco was over we travel 20 minutes to leisureplex to go bowling. After 9 pints and two bottles of Bulmer’s, I wasn’t expecting to knock too many pins, thinking back I got 24 which was terrible.

Once the bowling had ended I began to look for Sue as I didn’t know too many other people. I saw Carol first playing air hockey with one of her friends so I leaned against the table beside it and watched, I said I would play the winner and waited for the game to end, I played Carol three times that night, won two games and the second game was a draw. She was quite upset by losing and gave a cute tantrum in a girly way.

We needed to catch the 5.45 train back to Cobh so I left soon after of air-hockey game and returned to the train station and didn’t see her after than, I headed home to bed at half 6 and got up soon after 2pm, it was until 11pm that night that Carol texted.

Aww! Thanks love. I wud cum up nd c ya arite when i hav da money like.

I no ya sure. Do ya wana meet up so sumday?

Hiya liam how was college 2 day. How are ya n e way. Wat ya upta?

Hiya love i got crd 2 day. How are ya anyway?

Wat wer ya on about a grads r sumtin.

Arite so il let ya no k lovee.

Aww! Thanks love im jus fallin asleep ‘n’ all

Hiya i got crd der a while ago. How are ya?

Nice one love. Talk 2 ya 2mro. x x x

Liam luk im havin war wit sue nd catherin ovr us txtin i dnt want dem sayin shit bout me ta u k so wel jus leave it at dis sorry.

Luk il meet up wit ya so but keep it on da hush  will ya dnt say a word ta sue or ca k love.

Arite so listen i hav ta leave ya go again cos my crd is gone wnt b getn any 4 a while no money j no….


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